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23. April 2015

At a ceremony in Berlin marking 35 years of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) – Konrad Adenuaer Foundation (KAS) Exchange program, former German President Christian Wulff said he had been shaped by the feeling of historic responsibility that he took away from his experience as a participant on one of the first trips. The AJC-KAS program is the only annual exchange between an American Jewish and a German organization. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the inaugural collaboration, more than one hundred high-ranking alumni from the United States and Germany gathered for a ceremony on April 22nd at the Regent Hotel in Berlin. The keynote speaker was former German President Christian Wulff, himself an alumnus.

35 years ago, the American Jewish Committee and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation initiated the first exchange program between the German and American-Jewish community in order to build understanding through personal encounters.

22. April 2015

Am 25.04.2015 soll in Berlin die „13. Konferenz der Palästinenser in Europa“ mit bis zu 3.000 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern stattfinden. Die Konferenz gilt als die „wichtigste Aktivität von Hamas-Anhängern“ (Berliner Verfassungsschutz 2010).


26. März 2015

Foreign fighters and homegrown terror have become two of the most salient political concerns in Europe this year. European Islamists – both those who have travelled to fight in Iraq and Syria and then returned to their countries, as well as radical al-Qaida and ISIS sympathizers who never left home – present an ever increasing and more difficult to control danger to homeland security.